The most beautiful women know how to take good care of themselves


In fact, many women don’t know how to care and maintain intimate areas, and they also had misunderstanding about private place care, that is, women who have sex need to pay special attention to the private place care; In fact, it is not. According to the survey on the World Health Organization website, 41% of women of childbearing age suffer from gynecological inflammation, and the incidence rate of married women is as high as 70%!

So no matter how old you are, and whether you have sex, daily private maintenance care is very important for women, especially during the “aunt period”, you need to pay more attention into special care, otherwise all kinds of bacteria will multiply through the blood, and it is easy to cause various gynaecological inflammations.

According to the environmental impact, women often have odor problems in intimate parts, breeding bacteria, which will lead to itching in intimate areas. Modern women have begun to use safe and natural privacy care products to help maintain the balance of privacy, so that bacteria will not breed again and again.

The female reproductive system is like the root of a flower. If the flower wants to bloom beautifully, the root must be healthy, so how to maintain the “root” of a woman?

In addition to delaying aging, maintaining private parts can also maintain good health, skin elasticity, a good uterus environment to nurture the fetus, and even prolong one’s own lifespan. It is no wonder that more and more people have begun to pay attention to the private parts maintenances. Furthermore, there are not many intimate care product in the market that are able to achieve safe ,natural materials and effectiveness.


Women’s private parts Trouble list 


During busy, surely will hold back urine, when the weather gets hot, and all kinds of troubles in the private parts are visiting… Is it not advisable to see the doctor for a long time with stopper and antibiotics? Various reasons lead to women’s troubles in the private parts.


As women, besides maintenance, what else do we need to pay attention to?

The Traditional maintenance are no longer meet the modern needs. Common gynaecological maintenance includes internal Chinese and Western medicine conditioning, nutritional health care products, and external parts., including lotions, shower gels, sprays, vaginal douches, intimate wipes, etc., with a wide variety of but uneven quality. The skin in the private area is composed of “mucosal tissue”, and the absorption power is twenty times that of ordinary skin. It is really not suitable to use products formulated with unknown artificial compounds.

Usually, the vulva should be cleaned with warm water. It is best to use water when cleaning. Do not use shower gel when cleaning, otherwise it will easily cause discomfort in the private area and follow by gynaecological diseases.

If you connect with low-quality ingredients, you will not only fail to achieve the purpose of maintenance, but also spend money to damage your private parts, which will not be worth for the loss… If you have discomfort or strange reactions in your private parts, it will remind you that “private parts are healthy and need to be taken care of”!


What kind of quality intimate care products need to have…?

For quality private care products, at least should have “safe ingredients and quality certification” is required. Let’s see if the private care products you have now is meet the following conditions:

1. Can Achieve “effective antibacterial”

Many of the troubles mentioned in the gynaecological rankings are closely related to “bacteria”. Common gynaecological bacteria on the market include Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, HPV (human papillomavirus), HSV (herpes virus) and so on… They are also the main causes of peculiar smell, dry itching and pain in private places.


2. Whether the ingredients are safe

Although it’s said that the antibacterial effect is very important, there are many products in the market used chlorine-containing bactericides, silver ions and other ingredients. Such powerful sterilization will damage the mucous membranes of the private parts, resulting in more susceptibility to inflammation and infection. Therefore, when choosing a product, should pay more attention of the ingredients used. If you don’t know the ingredients, the easiest way is to see if there is a natural and organic certification, or let an expert to choose for you!! In this way, the use of mucosal tissue containing natural ingredients in private places can be reassuring.

【Note】Products that containing “natural Chinese herbal extracts” should be pay attention. This is due to the Chinese herbal medicines that can be made are limited by the government, and may contain heavy metals. Many of them also added essence and pigments. High doses of deodorant, plasticizer may lead to infertility and endanger the health of the fetus.


3. Can quickly relieve discomfort

Don’t let discomfort reduce work efficiency or spoil the interest of going abroad ~ or being away on business can also quickly relieve discomfort. The products selected by the most doctors are also quality certified, which can not only give first aid in time, but also repair the damaged dry itching private muscles, which is the real all-round private place maintenance products.


4. Passed the National Quality Mark Certification

The difference between the advantages and disadvantages of other products is to choose private maintenance products with SGS certification & national quality seal certification:  the above four practical methods can help you in making a right choice on the product.


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