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“No need to cultivate Durian also can have your own durians”


This is the reason why ODURIAN was established in 2018 & switched this 9 acres durian farm into pesticide-free organic farming to produce healthy, high-quality durian in 2019. We had chosen the cultivation of the Musang King variety of durians, on large scale farms as our primary developing project in the state of MELAKA, Malaysia. ODO Durian Farm is a modern farming, employing sustainable, technology-driven systems to grow the trees, cost-efficiently. More importantly, these modern systems are designed to create a nurturing and conducive environment for the trees to produce fruits consistently and at consistently high quality.

ODO Durian farm is approximately 15 kilometres from Melaka City, 100 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur or 200 kilometres from Singapore – where our farm is located at LENDU, Melaka. This location continues to be the most conducive area for the cultivation of this variety of durians, in terms of soil composition, topography and climatic conditions.

Our farm comprise mainly of Musang King with a mix of Black Thorn, Durian IOI and other cultivars. These varieties have proven to be exceptionally popular locally as well as internationally. Undoubtedly, Durians, Its exotic flavour, intense fragrance, superior texture and nutritious qualities are factors driving the strong demand from consumers in China, clamour to savour this strong and flavourful variety of durian.

Welcome to Melaka historical city


To enjoy delicious DURIANS that’s served Fresh form Farm at wholesaler Price. To provide an opportunity for O!FANS to leverage on the potential of the durian market. To transform traditional agriculture into modern business module through SHARING.

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