The 1st in Malaysia’s Livestream Education Learning Platform in APP based. EDUCAT is an online Livestream learning & teaching marketplace with variety of after school courses and career preparation workshops such as Tuition classes, Investment, Sales & Marketing, Fitness & Yoga, Musics, Bakery, Motivation & Training, IT & Software, etc.

The Hottest and latest Online Business Opportunity in Education industry through Online Coaching courses to enhance a particular skill. Everyone can be our Instructor to provide courses to earn extra incomes and be our learner with dedicated studying, focus, commitment & discipline. EDUCAT will do our very best to consult and develop our instructors until they success in online coaching business.

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Giving everyone a powerful educational tool they need to succeed in life


Dreams Have No Boundaries, Dream Big and make it happen


We Share Knowledge With The World

EDUCAT bring you the best and the finest quality courses to choose of just sitting in the comfort at homes and just clicking on your favourites ALL In One platform – Open 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Lots of New excitement and surprise for your learning times. Learning can be anywhere, anytime through online 

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