ODO CHARITY; was a Non-Profit Organization founded by ODO SDN BHD in 2021. ODO Charity committee consist of 15 volunteers formally appointed by board to sit on specific position and one external auditor to monitor the operation. ODO CHARITY was authorized to examine and verify all application. We do not accept monetary donations, all cash or monetary donations will send directly from ODO & Cooperate partners to successful application recipients or patients.

Giving Back To Our Communities

ODO Charity was an amazing group with all kind of resources for those who suffering of Different crisis situations and to help those in variety needs or difficulties such as Depression, Suicidal, Food bank Project, Fighting Pandemics, Poverty, Relieve Hunger, Education, Unlucky Community, Protect Women Campaign & Scholarship. Our charity’s priority is to support for Domestic & Local Community Area. Our philosophy: We Are One & No One Left Behind

Helpings, Work-together

Besides that, SILVER HAIR ECONOMY is one of our important project to be created in 2023 which brought out the value for senior citizen to live happiness and owned a meaningful retirement life. SILVER HAIR ECONOMY not only creating the business and jobs opportunities for those in needs, we are also promoting a healthier lifestyles & rehabilitation program. Our main purpose was building a Silver Hair Outstanding Lifestyle for senior citizens in charity basis for the poor community and at the most economical or lowest cost for public. Silver Hair Outstanding Lifestyle is a new typical way of quality living and meaning of life with physical activities such as Rehabilitation program, Natural Therapy Village, Healing tours, Golden Age Resort, Physiotherapy campaign, etc

We do not accept Cash or money donation for now. As a non-profit organization, we work hard in raising awareness and heavily rely on funding for the needs. All supports we receive is welcome with open arms, and we just asking you to find kindness within your heart to helps others. We have a team of members in carrying out these activities, we will deliver the materials to the crisis area as fast as we can to assess the immediate needs of the people who require our helps. Once the assessment is made, we try, if possible, to bring some of the food as close as possible to the crisis area. We prioritize those most vulnerable and our volunteers will ensure that the food packages are distributed to those in need at first place.

ODO CHARITY provides long terms and to feed the needy and the poor. Our statement is simple; EVERYONE has a right to food and water. Helping people in your community makes that community stronger and healthier – and makes you stronger and healthier in the process. Always keep in mind :

If a window of HELP appears, don't walk away

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