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O! Fan Calendar

ODO activity calendar created to depict the weekly schedule for O!FAN. The schedule show the main education activities & training events that will occur during the weeks.
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ODO Youtube Channel

As a new modern lifestyle, it is quietly changing people’s thinking. ODO connects each industry to create a new life circle and a diversified industry-enabled fashion platform.
ODO Youtube Channel

O! Fan News

A New Lifestyle and latest Health Care business opportunity.

ODO use the power of “HOPE” to achieve your dream life and enjoy WORK-LIFE BALANCE in O!LIFE
O! Fan's NEWS

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ODO Manufacturing

ODO owned a FSSC 22000 production facility in Melaka, Malaysia to keep our production moving at a swift pace and ensures that the intellectual properties (Formulations, ingredient blends, material sources, etc.) of our products are protected at the utmost secrecy & quality. ODO have stringent  manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that comply with Food Safety System Certification 22000. 
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ODO Shopping

A New Concept of Online Shopping platform who bring you the most comprehensive & compelling shopping experience base on SHOP, Save & EARN philosophy. ODOMALL promoting “Free Shopping” to O-Maller through referral system or affiliate program which create more business opportunities to everyone.

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ODO Education

The 1st in Malaysia’s Livestream Education Learning Platform in APP based. The Hottest and latest Online Business Opportunity in Education industry through Online Coaching courses. EDUCAT is an online Livestream learning & teaching marketplace with variety of after school courses and career preparation workshops. Everyone can be our instructor to provide courses to earn extra incomes and be our learner.

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ODO Durian

ODO transformed traditional agriculture into modern business module through SHARING. ODURIAN proudly Introducing “NO NEED TO CULTIVATE DURIAN ALSO CAN HAVE YOUR OWN DURIANS” program which specially dedicate for all O!FANS to enjoy delicious DURIANS that’s served Fresh form Farm at wholesaler Price and provide an opportunity for O!FANS to leverage on the potential of the durian market & businesses.

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ODO Social Responsibility

ODO founded a Non-Profit Organization which named with ODO founder parent’s name: Jack Seok Charity. It is an amazing group with all kind of resources for those who suffering of Different crisis situations and to help those in variety needs or difficulties. We also focus on SILVER HAIR ECONOMY which brought out the value to live happiness and meaningful retirement life for senior citizens.
Jack Seok Charity’s priority support for Domestic & Local Community Area. 

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